Cargo Broking

Introducing the first interactive ‘publish yourself ’ format of Fixtures and Position, Cargo broking site.

Once entered, the fixture is automatically posted onto the site and is available to the cargo industry world-wide

In this way you have active and passive elements running around the clock registration is free: however there is a charge for the publication of positions and fixtures and also for viewing postings.

O’Carroll Cargo Broking (OCC) is a new self-service website that allows you to fix your next cargo. Whether you are posting an open position or cargo, or looking to fill a gap in your schedule O’Carroll Cargo Broking can help.

The site is FREE to use and requires no sign-up. When you are ready to do business you can quickly sign up and pay the low cost fees as you go. No Commission, no hassle.

When signed up you can simply e-mail your open positions and open fixtures to OCC at no cost .Once processed and open fixtures to OCC at no cost. Once processed the details will be listed on our site till the open period has expired.